Managed Hosting


Wirehive Managed Hosting makes life simple and cost-effective. We provide all the hardware and software you need in our two Data Centres to give you a stable and reliable hosting service. Depending on your requirements, you have a range of options:

Dedicated Server A wirehive server for your exclusive use. Ideal for businesses that need flexibility, security and scaleability.
Shared Hosting You share server resources with others. This is typically used for hosting large numbers of small websites or applications.
Private Cloud Dedicated servers in the Wirehive Data Centres that provide Cloud services to your organisation behind a firewall.
Managed Co-Location Your own bespoke equipment installed and run from the Wirehive Data Centres that we can build and manage for you.

All of these come with a wide range of managed features and options to suit your requirements, and supported with one of our cost-effective Service Level Agreement packages.

Anything for you!

When it comes to hosting, Wirehive's experts are proud of the fact that they can do pretty much anything for you!

Answer Anything
From full Hosting consultancy to a simple query, Wirehive has the answer. We can provide advice on the best solution for your current and future hosting needs, how to scale up, or how to improve performance with your current set up.

Build Anything
If you need specialist equipment, Wirehive won’t restrict you to one technology or manufacturer. Our expertise and access to specialist suppliers means that we can build any configuration of server you need, using the technology that best suits your purpose. We can then integrate it seamlessly into our Data Centres making sure that you get optimum performance from your investment.

Support Anything
If Wirehive can build anything, then it can support anything! We will happily provide SLA Support Contracts to just about any hardware and software configuration.

So, if we can do Anything for You, Contact Us!

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Wirehive offers three levels of SLA – Standard, Managed, and Managed 24/7.

Our Standard SLA includes:

  • 99.9% Server uptime (excl scheduled maintenance)
  • 100% Network and infrastructure availability (excl scheduled maintenance)
  • Daily image backup
  • Server monitoring and alerting
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Telephone support answered in 5 minutes – no queuing

Please go to the Summary Table to see the additional features of our Managed SLAs.

What's included?Standard
10x5 SLA
24x7 SLA
24x7 Emergency Phone Line  Yes Yes  Yes
Online Billing and Support Portal Yes  Yes  Yes
100% Network Uptime Guarantee  Yes  Yes  Yes
100% HVAC and Power Guarantee  Yes  Yes  Yes
99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee  Yes  Yes  Yes
Daily Image Backup using Snapshots  Yes  Yes  Yes
Server Monitoring and Alerting  Yes  Yes  Yes
High Availability Migrations  Yes  Yes  Yes
High Availability Multi-Site DNS Cluster    Yes  Yes
Priority Migrations (in event of host failure)    Yes  Yes
Server OS and Application Support    Yes  Yes
Server OS Updates and Security Fixes    Yes  Yes
Application Monitoring and Alerting    Yes  Yes
8x5 Technical Guidance    Yes  Yes
24x7 Technical Guidance     Yes


Network and Site Diagnostics

You need confidence that your website can support all possible traffic levels and demands made upon it now and in the future. Wirehive can help you have that confidence.

Wirehive are experts in the use of Apache JMeter, the industry-standard diagnostics and benchmarking tool. Using JMeter, Wirehive can design and run a suite of bespoke tests on your website, server or network. These simulate a range of loads to test their strength or to analyse site performance. Typical tests might include:

  • Assess your current site build and quality
  • Validating the Key Performance Indicators chosen as measures of site performance.
  • Future strategy and capacity – identify what you need to satisfy your business plan

Wirehive will carefully analyse the results and provide a report on how to optimise your site for current and future use.

Load Balancing

If your site attracts or will attract very heavy loading, then you might need to consider our Load Balancing option. This is where your site traffic is distributed across a suite of backend servers in a structured and managed way. This allows you too smooth out load levels and insure against slowdown at peak demand.

Wirehive use the industry-recognised combination of HAProxy and STunnel software to ensure fast, reliable and encrypted load distribution.

As well as ensuring your site functions at a optimum level, Load Balancing offers additional advantages:

  • Availability/Failover – Should any of the backend servers fail, the HAProxy software can absorb this by rapid re-distribution.
  • Security against Denial of Service attacks – the Load Balancer sits between the network and your backend end servers, so it can help defend against these attacks.
  • Security against Hacking – The IP address for your site points at the Load Balancer, so effectively making your backend servers invisible
  • Notification - Where all server capacity is unavailable, the Load Balancer can divert to alternative backup areas, or issue messages.
  • Maximise use of network connectivity – Can make efficient use of redundant lines

Web Infrastructure Planning

Whether you are setting up a small brochure website or a multi-page e-commerce site, making sure you have the right infrastructure to support it is crucial.

Wirehive can offer you the complete infrastructure consultancy service. We will asses your current and projected site specification and develop a robust and cost-effective solution. We will develop the complete platform to support it, including:

  • Hosting strategy – Dedicated Server, Private Cloud, Hybrid hosting etc.
  • Infrastructure requirements – Server types and capacities, connectivity options etc.
  • Project management – designing and setting it all up for you
  • Support to your IT - Presentation of proposals at department and Board levels

If you want the optimum cost-effective solutions for your web activities, Contact Us to find out what we can do for you.

Live Hosting Migrations / Server Migrations

Changing your Hosting provider or migrating servers can seem daunting. How long will my site be down? What are the risks?

With Wirehive, it couldn’t be simpler. Our migration experience means that, when you move to Wirehive or Wirehive migrate your servers, your site will NEVER be down. Critical business functions will continue to operate seamlessly.

We consult with your existing hosts and your IT department to establish all the basic information. We carefully prepare a migration plan, including finding the optimum switchover time. We then fully project manage it to completion – your customers won’t notice any difference!